Angaza Sverige

Angaza Sverige is an NGO that has been active since 2015.

The overall goal is to help limit the spread of HIV / Hepatitis. We also support those who carry HIV virus to reduce stigma and discrimination associated with HIV infection.
We work with support primarily to Africans and other migrants / refugees / immigrants e regardless of background, language religion, ethnicity, etc. are welcome.

Angaza Sverige is working for increased community engagement for an equal and equal society.



Adressing diverse health needs of migrants living in Sweden by raising awareness and sensitazation about blood infections like HIV+ hepatitis and STI's through evidence driven communication initiatives and provisions of friendly services. To create content that educates, informs, and empowers through activities with a tradition/culture touch.


Increasing the awaress of the dimensions and complexties involved in health care to people from diverse culture backgrounds, promotion of the balance of all facets of a person, Inspire, support and encourage our target group by spreading knowledge through workshops, forums and facilitation activities life


Enhanced quality of life, ushering in a positive social change, and having a more informed public. Almost non existent stigma and almost zero blood infections/STI's